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Editorial Experience

I am a Senior Editor of International Business Review and serve on several editorial boards for top internationally recognised journals to shape ongoing academic debates and their impact on societies. In addition, I have co-edited two Special Issues to move scholarly debates centered on the internationalisation of firms forward in the wider international business community. Furthermore, I have been frequently acting as a reviewer not only to other leading international business and management journals but also annual meetings of leading academic associations in such fields as well as various funding bodies. For such service I has received numerous awards for my outstanding and ongoing support to the scholarly communities I belong to.

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Senior Editor

International Business Review

ISSN: 0969-5931

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Editorial Review Board Member

Journal of International Business Studies

ISSN: 0047 2506 (Print)

ISSN: 1478 6990 (Online)

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Editorial Board Member

Journal of World Business

ISSN: 1090-9516

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Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review              

ISSN: 2353-8821 (Online) 

ISSN: 2353-883X (Print) 

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Editorial Board Member

Economic Thought and Practice

(Ekonomska Misao i Praska)

ISSN: 1848-963X (Online)

ISSN: 1330-1039 (Print)

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Editorial Board Member

International Economics

(Ekonomia Międzynarodowa)

ISSN: 2082-4440 (Online)
ISSN: 2300-6005 (Print)

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Editorial Board Member

Journal of Economics and Management

ISSN: 2719-9975 (Online)
ISSN: 1732-1948 (Print)

Special Issues

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Special Issue 30(4) (Link):

Title: The Internationalisation of Emerging Economy Firms and Institutional Evolution 

International Business Review

Abstract: The internationalisation of manufacturing firms and the effect of their environment has been the focus of academics for several decades. However, the internationalization of service firms and the impact of the interactions between society, politics and business have received very little attention in the international business literature. Therefore, the emphasis of this Special Issue lies in the internationalization of service firms and how such firms manage their three pillars’ interactions in foreign markets. More specifically, particular attention of this Special Issue is directed towards internationalization strategies of service multinational enterprises (MNEs), the nature and type of their relationships with business, society and politicians. This is because, a more detailed investigation into the examination of the interactions between service MNEs and governments, as well as how such firms influence competitive and institutional environments is certainly warrant. As such, the intention of this Special Issue is not only to highlight the increasing inter dependence between service MNEs, society and governments and but also to demonstrate how these relationships are changing their behavior. 

ISSN: 0969-5931

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ISSN: 1861-8901 (Online)

ISSN: 0938-8249 (Print)

Special Issue 59(4) (Link):

Title: The Impact of Socio-Political Networking on the Internationalization of Service MNEs

Management International Review

Abstract: While the existing literature on the internationalisation of emerging economy (EE)  firms acknowledges the importance of institutional contexts, so far, insufficient attention has been paid to the possibility that such firms’ international activities may affect the institutional environments within which they operate. Instead of being passive recipients of institutional influence, firms can actively engage with governments and other actors to alter institutional conditions. In particular, treating institutions or governments as exogenous factors, most existing studies have exclusively focused on firms’ efforts to exploit institutional advantages or mitigate institutional deficiencies. However, little attention has been paid to the mechanisms through which EE multinational enterprises (MNEs) initiate institutional change, shape and transpose institutions in the internationalisation process, as well as the impact of internationalisation activities on the institutional evolution of both home and host countries.Thus, the emphasis of this Special Issue is directed towards unpacking the interdependence between institutions and EE MNEs. More specifically, it focuses on the role of EE MNEs in institutional evolution and examines interactive relationships between institutions and EE MNEs, as well as the mechanisms through which such interactions occur.

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