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Through my academic career I have been teaching in the areas of strategy, international business, research methods and econometrics at undergraduate and postgraduate (MSc, MBA, Executive MBA and PhD) levels where I have always demonstrated a commitment to deliver systematic and innovative teaching in terms of curriculum design and assessment. As a research active scholar at the leading edge of my subject, my teaching is not only research-led but always underpinned by the link between the cutting edge of theory and its impact and relevance on practice.


My pedagogical experiences in different countries and deep interest in high quality teaching, over two decades in business studies, has led me not only to obtain outstanding achievements and contributions in a range of courses taught at both the undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels but to deal with students coming from different cultures and educational systems. Using my extensive international experience my pedagogical approach is to develop independent and critical problem-solvers and leaders which are globally and locally aware, enthusiastic about knowledge and learning and able to get things done. 

As an educator with a significant experience of delivering international business focused teaching my philosophical pedagogy has four basic dimensions: (a) to use real-world examples, (b) to be innovative and engaging, (c) to initiate close-knit community spirit in the classroom and (d) to ensure my teaching inspires responsible approaches to research, impact and engagement.I believe, when these four dimensions work well together learning offers great inclusive opportunities not just for students but also educators to make a positive impact in societies.


In my experience, while real world examples seem to significantly increase students’ engagement with the subject matter, being innovative encourages students to think beyond existing theories and allows them to use critical approaches at all levels to challenge the existing paradigms. Also, by creating the closely-knit community spirit in my teaching, my own understanding of different teaching environments has been continually enhanced and challenged allowing me as well as my students to develop more critical, reflective and relevant thinking in order to address problems important to both business and society.

For all teaching commitments that I have taken so far in my academic career, I have always received excellent feedback from the students. This is evidenced by two principal ways: the numerical ratings as well as written evaluations students have given me as part of their formal evaluations providing strong evidence of my outstanding pedagogical skills and abilities.

Some of their feedback are listed below:

"Her practical way of applying theories via using case studies.

Such way really helped us in learning the models and how to apply them in the right and relevant way".

"Very knowledgable and clear with teaching style”.

“Deep knowledge of analysis”.

“Approachable, articulate and could communicate complex concepts with simplicity”.

“Lecturer combined online videos to simulate and bring relevant pointers to the subject".

"Very good use of theory & tools to explain real cases".

Strategy Module, Executive MBA, Singapore.

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Doctoral Research

I have successfully supervised several doctoral research students to successful completion.


I am interested in supervising Ph.D students in the following areas:

  • Internationalisation strategies of firms from/to emerging economies.

  • Location choices of firms with a focus on a sub-national level.

  • Determinants of re-location strategies for sustainable global value chains.

  • Digital globalisation, innovation and multinational firms.

  • The role of multinational companies in achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Multinational companies' strategies to grand challenges (i.e. environmental, societal, economic).

  • The impact of terrorist incidents and/or resilience on location choices of firms.

  • Language and multi-linguistic challenges in internationalisation strategies of firms.

  • Methodological issues in cross-country research.

  • Ethical and governance data issues in cross-country research.

  • The role and impact of big data/AI on data collection and decision making.


So, if you are interested in studying any of these subject areas, please get in touch with me as I would like to hear from you.

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